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Does your Spouse write your Resume for you?

We understand that a Spouse may do what they can, to help contribute to job satisfaction, career goals and financial family goals. In general, we see the Spouse with the stronger set of administrative skills, create a Resume or CV for their partner and do what they can to emphasise the capabilities their partner otherwise may not express if they were to create their own CV.

A few points to think about when your Spouse writes your CV:

👉Be sure that your Spouse is looking objectively at your skills and qualifications. What is it that you “do” at work? Sometimes ❤️blinds us from the truth! For example, if your role is a Fleet Controller with responsibility for 5x drivers, as tempting as it may be to change your title to Operations Manager, that may work against you. A good recruiter will identify your capacity during your interview, and this could come across as dishonest (even though the good intention is there).

💍 Occasionally, we see the other end of the job seeking spectrum, where a Spouse borders on code-green-control-freak-status activated, and lists their name, email address and times that they can attend the interview on your behalf! We love the results-driven Spouses!  However, this is not good for your character representation, especially if you are applying for leadership positions. If your current workplace doesn't lend much room to personal calls, ask the Recruiter if you could make a time before 8am or after 6pm. Most good recruiters will see you outside of hours, so your current work isn't impacted.  There are also compliance issues we need to handle and discussing intricate details about your application, or our clients, with a Code Green Spouse, is a no from us.

💍 Lastly, look for Resume Writing services. You'll often be met by someone who is skilled in reviewing your skills and attributes objectively and will paint a picture of you that is accurate, and aligned with selling who you are, to the next career step you are seeking.

🌶️Chilli Recruitment offers a slick resume service, often cutting the BS and the "fluff" and show you how to grab the attention of Recruiters. Using a resume service not only saves your family time and anguish, but it is reflective and helps to position you in an ocean of CVs who want to stand out.

Chat to us at Chilli Recruitment today, to find out more!

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