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What we do

We are full-time recruiters dedicated to connecting high-performing professionals with the right employers.


Notably, over 40%* of our placements involve candidates who are not actively job hunting, and 25%* of our placements received more than one job offer before accepting our clients' job offer. Most top performers are already excelling in their current roles, and our mission is to collaborate closely with you to create an appealing company profile and attract the ideal candidate for the position.

Our extensive relationships within the Australian Human Resources sector allow us to provide comprehensive consultation and valuable industry insights for your hiring needs. Talented individuals seek out reputable recruiters because we offer a neutral and confidential job search experience. Our effective attraction methods, integrity, and deep understanding of what high performers desire make us an asset to employers.


We take detailed job and person briefs, profile managers, and align company goals to match candidates who meet 100% of the critical criteria. Our Client Services Team handles the execution of employment contracts, and all placements are guaranteed, with free replacements if necessary.


Permanent Placements

When you identify an important project or vacancy in your business, we will collaborate with you and your line managers to establish a comprehensive job and person description, ensuring your outcomes are successful. We don’t settle for generic job descriptions; instead, we create compelling opportunities that attract the right candidates.

We screen, interview, and report on shortlisted candidates, allowing you to personally interview them as many times as needed to determine their suitability. We provide industry-specific clearances, psychometric evaluations, reference checks, and pre-employment medicals tailored to the duties of the new employee.

Once the right person is selected, usually within 21 days, our team will facilitate the offer of employment and engage the candidate with relevant employment contracts. We work closely with you, your line managers, and your new employee for the first 12 months, offering continuous support and guarantees.

Workforce Planning

Chilli works closely with your executive team to support workforce planning, and business partners with various unit leaders to review past, present and future organisation structures.  We advise our clients on market trends and what employers of choice are doing to attract and retain their people.  Our Workforce Planning commences between 10-26 weeks prior to vacancies being activated, which provides you with ample opportunity to build a talent funnel of expressions of interest.

We write organisation charts, company briefs, job and person descriptions, interview incumbents and senior leadership teams to ensure that we have an inherent understanding of what expertise, skills and attributes are critical in meeting your company needs. 

Leadership Placements

When embarking on your search for senior leaders, there's typically only one opportunity to get it right. Sharing a compelling story about your organisation's history, core values, and the career opportunity it presents is vital to the success of your Senior Leadership Team (SLT) engagement. This narrative will resonate with a candidate pool already successful in their respective fields, drawing them towards the unique opportunities we present about your organisation.


When we meet with you, we uncover your local, national, or international business plans so that we understand who we are targeting. Additionally, our targeted search service is geared towards connecting with leaders who possess the qualifications, expertise, and foresight to drive your business successfully, and whose values align with the founders of your company.


What we look for in our SLT Candidates includes knowledge, innovation, demonstrated results, people skills and an X-Factor from professionals who hold tenure in their profession.  We foster meaningful relationships with Senior Leaders across Australia, NZ, Europe and the USA and our connections praise the care, privacy and value placed on their career search.

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"Absolute go-getters, first class recruitment agency service."

Karl, Project Director of a Construction Engineering Company

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